Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cole World: Sideline Story - Review

The anticipation of this album has had me wanting to do a review of this for a while. With a lot of naysayers saying Cole isn't important any more, he took to long with this album...people are going to be very critical of my review. But i don't care what they say and clearly Grown Simba isn't paying them any mind either.
With this album Cole takes on a different style than what has been seen on his mixtapes. The production of the tracks are a mix of The Warm-Up and Friday Night Lights with Lights Please (The Warm-Up) and In the Morning [Feat. Drake] (Friday Night Lights) making the album. But the album does keep his usual toughness (not as in thugness but attacking the beat) and honesty on every track.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coming Soon

So I'm back from sabbatical and have decided to give yall a preview of things to come..
Cole World: The Sideline Story album review
By Lucky Lefty
Why was Thurz's LA Riot lp so influential?
By Cease

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

End of Summer

What's up students? I know you have been wondering when classes would be starting back here at The Academy. Well consider this the first day. We here at The Academy are going to take a slightly different approach to site. We will still be posting singles, mixtapes and videos but we will also be doing reviews of mixtapes and albums. It not a major change but do take note that you will see less feature stories and more review articles now. Cease and I wouuld like to thank you all for your support. Now get your school supplies because The Academy is in session.