Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sundays are For God and good Music

So this is a get know of a group called
The Remnant residing in Atlanta.
This group is from the best Christian rap group
that I have heard point blank period!
The reason is because they know how to
reach the public by using Christian sublimities while
sounding secular. It's sick-
Their debut album "PB&J" is one of the most jam
packed and best projects to come about in hip-hop
this year. PB&J is an acronym for Playas, Babes, and Jesus.
Kind of funny cause their niche is that they are rappers you
can bring home to momma.
So if you want some Gospel while hearing good hip-hop,
Check this group-

This is their video for the single "Know This" ft. Scar

Sundays Are For God & Good Music

I am such a fan of Sade its ridiculous! "Smooth Operator" was my jam when I was growing up. When I figured out she was coming out with a new album I nearly crapped my pants lol. I heard a few tracks from it and loved it immediately. Here is her new album "Soldier of Love".
(Sade fun fact - Sade likes to walk around naked...alot.)

Sade - "Soldier Of Love" Album

Corrine Bailey Rae is such a phenomenal musician and beautiful singer.  Her music became infectious to me when she first made her debut with "Just Like A Star".  What people don't know is that the reason why she has not been making music in the last few years is because of her husband's passing in 2008.  Since then, she has been making music in reflection of her love for her deceased spouse.  Her new album is entitled, "The Sea".  It is a well developed project that touched my heart (pause). I encourage everyone to give it a listen. (R.I.P. Jason Rae)
(Corrine Bailey Rae fun fact - Her husband was actually the saxophonist for Amy Winehouse)


Saturday, January 30, 2010


I remember J Vada telling me that
Joe Budden's "Escape Route" album
was pretty good.
So I decided to give it a listen and
to my surprise I loved it!!

It's very ironic that I am listening to this
because I am snowed in at school and I am
trying to find an escape route lol.
But sense I liked Joe so much I thought, why not
cop that Slaughterhouse album so I did, 
and freaking loved it!!!
So here you go-
So Pause....

XV-Interview with Dj Quiz of Dj

The interview is about XV's journey into the game,
what's to come and his album "Kid With The Green Back Pack".
Oh and Virginity lol!!!!
You'll see check it-

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jupiter One

If you liked the band called Jupiter One on
XV's song then here's their album called
"Sunshower". They are definitely different,
but deserve a listen from you the listener.
Check them out-

XV-The Signal ft. Jupiter One

This is the leak from XV's unreleased
album called "The Kid With The Green Backpack.
Which everyone still wonders what is going to
happen to it. But while we wait, take a good listen
to this-
You Going to DiG This!


Since Gucci Mane is still locked up (thank God!), that gives real rapper's a chance to slaughter his undeserving instrumentals.  As much as I hate to hear someone yelling "BURR!" or "LEMONN!", I love this Bangledesh beat and I'm glad two of my favorite emcee's dropped some bars on it. Here is Big Sean and Curren$y's version of "Lemonade".


New Nero!!

Here's a new Nero Joint that was
produced by Woody.
Pretty sick can't wait for what's next-

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Innovators in the game

Lately I've been listening to alot
of alternative rap which consists
of live instruments and rhyming
that pertains to worldly issues and
creativity beliefs. These next 2 groups
are exactly that-

Five One
Album-The Red Complex
Reside in DC
Rock,hip hop, and jazzy
type music which focus'
on the views that people
have about life in general-

Reside in Phily
A more political version
of the roots. They use great
emotion and live instruments
to capture the listeners attention.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get To Know: Spree Wilson

This is another "Get To Know" and we are staying in the dirty south! If anyone is familiar with Novel, we posted his single "I Am" earlier this month. You may have wondered who was that southern accented gentlemen spitting ridiculous at the end of the song. That guy's Spree Wilson. He has been catching alot of attention as of late. His sound is very similar to everyone's ATL favorite B.o.B. (..or Bobby Ray), but he has an electronic appeal that differentiates him from the crowd. Also hailing from Georgia, Spree Wilson is another pioneer in the movement of lyrical rap in the South. Let's hope we keep seeing more emcee's like this. Here is his new EP called "Evil Angel" featuring Novel and production by No I.D.

Get To Know-GhostWridah

Did you know Kanye had a
Ghost writer on his album 808's!
Oh wait I meant to say
there's a rapper named GhostWridah who
did a rendition of 808's but instead called
it "305's & Heartbreaks".

GhostWridah resides in Miami, Florida.
His rap style is flashy but at the same he keeps
it real. He's gone through the trials
of people telling him he couldn't be respected as a
rapper because he doesn't sell crack or wear
big T's. But he's here and he definitely has an impact
to make!

Get To Know: Pill

This another Get To Know! This time we are taking a trip down south to the ATL. Now before you automatically think Gucci Mane, there are still rapper's in the "A" that know the value of lyrics. Straight from the trap, a young rapper named Pill has really been making a name for himself in the underground circuit. He literally appeals to all masses. For those who like that "southern" droll and those who want substance in the songs. Its a great ignorant balance lol Here is his critically acclaimed mixtape "4075: The Refill" (Nas + Young Jeezy = Pill)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

KiD CuDi Is Awesome. Period.

If you can't laugh at this somethings wrong with you. (My man CuDi is so goneeeee in this video! so hilarious!)

KiD CuDi "cudderisback" - Directed by Jason Goldwatch from DP on Vimeo.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Breakfast video

This is the official video
for Curren$y and Mos Def's
Song called "Breakfast".

CURREN$Y - BREAKFAST from Creative Control on Vimeo.
Download the song Here.
This video is pretty Funny....

So insane its Illmatic

Ya for Old school Monday
I decided to post the all
time great Nas debut "Illmatic".
So your welcome-

Enough Said

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Riches of Fame, Turned High Life

So what's important, The fame or respect?
Or is it neither and is actually all about
being heard.
In these days an time Knowing one's 
self is what gets us though life.

Amy Winehouse is one of the most talented
singers of our generations, with only two albums
out she has impacted the world with her message
of let downs, forgiveness and not giving into the society
at any cost.
Some say she is out of her mind;
I say in a weird way she lives her life the right way,
Which is her way.
Here is her wonderful work-

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Very Funky

As I was cruising the net for some
new music, I came across an artist
named Funky DL who's from the UK.
He had a free album out
called "Back To Frankhouse". The album
is produced by him and has 11 track of
all Amy Winehouse samples. It's a love story
told with Funky beats and slick rhyme scheme.
And very soulful, Check it-

Wyclef on Haiti

Djbooth net presented the 
"Rhymes&Rhythm For Relief"

The tape is 5 dollars, all profits going
towards Haiti.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pray For Haiti.

With the tragic earthquake that just took place in Haiti, artists have been joining together to make great music as a beacon of relief for the already impoverished country. Here are a few songs by some well known artists. Our prayers go out to the families in Haiti. (download to donate to Haiti Relief)

Distant Relatives

Finally! 1st single from Nas & Damian Marley's collab album "Distant Relatives".  I really wish I couldve gotten to see them perform at Rock The Bells last year but Damian wasn't their when I went...figures. lol

Thursday, January 21, 2010

E.D.G.E.-Looking for Head Space

This is a video by a rapper
named E.D.G.E.. This is off
his mixtape called "Superiority
Complex". Check it-


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hawthorne and Black

Mayer Hawthorne and Dan Black are two
upcoming artist who both have a unique
Mayer Hawthorne
"A Strange Arrangement"
Old, Soulful

Dan Black
Electronic Soul"

Symphonies rmx ft. Kid Cudi

Thank illroots for this one!!

KiD Cudi-N.A.S.A music part 2

This is a music collection of Kid Cudi
Music that he is featured on or
put out since about November of
last year-
Check it

make an account at datpiff to download.
its free and harmless.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ya UUUMM... I found weird music
The other day that while sweet is literally
Weird as crap!!!
Actually the music is more or less just
really creative.

The Canz
"The Slow Rise"
Rap honestly about

Edible Phat
They are just WEERD!!
as crap but funny at the
same time.
Check em-


Monday, January 18, 2010

Old School Mondays

Today starts a new series on the Academy.
Every Monday we will be posting old
albums, singles, or whatever old school
hip-hop, R&B or any other genre we can
think of on Mondays.
This Week is Krs-one's album
"A Retrospective".
And MF Dooms first solo joint
Check it-

MF Doom

Stay tuned for
next week's picks.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Farewell To DC...

As I am back at school and no longer in DC, I think its fitting to post some new Raheem Devaughn as a farewell to the capital. This is his new (and slightly random) mixtape that was just released called "Mr. February" (isn't it January still? smh)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Game-Red Files

This is The Games new
mixtape/album that is pretty much
a compilation of different songs that he has
done, like for example the Jay Z diss is up
there; "Nobody in the Game Got
Swagger Like you, Cause Nobody in the
Game is 42", lol tough!!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Sending this One Out...

Rest in Peace to the late and Great Teddy Pendergrass. Your in our hearts and will never be forgotten.
Here is a tribute mix that I got from Kevin Nottingham website-

R.I.P. Teddy Pendergrass


This is Novel's official
music video for his called
"I Am" ft. Talib Kweli and
Spree Wilson-

Download mp3 "here"

Ced Hughes and Novel

These are mixtapes by the artist
Ced Hughes and Novel
Check it-

What Up Tho?!
Ced Hughes

Suspended Animation
808's & mixtapes