Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Hip-Hop Violinist

Miri Ben Ari is an artist from Israel who has made a named for herself with her violin. She is known as the "Hip-Hop Violinist"; becasue she can construct whole hip hop beats with the violin being the vocal point. Her album "The Hip Hop Violinist" which was released in 2006, has alot of features like: Ghostface, Joe Budden, Fabulous, Musiq Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton, John Legend and many more. If you love instrumentation then you'll love this album-

Check it!!!-

Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Music


D. Julien

Get To Know- Rich Hill

This is a Get To Know about an artist named Rich Hill, I call him the White version of Kid Cudi. Rich has the half singing, and half rapping sound when he is on a track, and on top of that he is so depressed that his  sound becomes almost a little Emo. But he does make great music; his mixtape "The Lost Limos", was very well put together and I highly would encourage you check it out!!

Also Rich Hill ft. Kid Cudi-Girls, Sounds & Colors

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dante-She Loves me, but do I trust Her?????

This track is from my Brother Dante (metaphorically); an up and coming rapper whose lyrics surpass the moderation of constructing a symphany. Don't sleep on  him! you know yours truly only supports the most soulful of arist, and let me tell you, if you love music or just hip-hop in general, this is what you need to listen to. Give him support!
Check it-

Hey Kid, Let me check that Demo Tape!

Remeber the original tracklisting for Kid Cudi's Album? Well lets just say Dante and me found all those songs that were dropped from the album. Dante says the mixtape is sick, so cop the mixtape and be ready for your mind to go to Uhh... Very High? Hahaha.
Check it-


This is the "Beautiful Decay" Video from Skyzoo's album which is on my blog, if you like the song then you definitely like the album; go to the search bar and type in Skyzoo to get the album!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Foot Out the Door

This is the Newest Mixtape by Mike Posner called "One Foot Out the Door." Mike Posner is a singer who has kind of a gangster/nerd mentality to him. Give him a listen-

This is his other mixtape "A Matter Of Time"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Get to Know- "Aime"

Aime is a new rapper out of New York who just came out with a mixtape called "Class Act". I like the mixtape alot and thought it best to share him with the world.
Check it- 

       Aime"Class Act"

Still True

Over on the westside of the U.S. is where a rapper named Nate Krooks lives, breaths, and bleeds the drug called hip hop. Nate Krooks is a white rapper with so much soul that if you were to close your eyes you'd definitely would not know the difference. His Album "Still true", is really a thing of pure lyrical assination; the jazzy beats and classic word play makes this a Great Listen.

Check it out!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mr. Hudson Supernova ft. Kanye West

BuzzzinWith Soul

Here is another album by Aloe Blacc with a producer named Cradle called "Open Your Mind".
Check it-

A New Type of Soul

Aloe Blacc! If you have not heard of Aloe Blacc, you really need to get acclamated and prepare your eardrums for some of the most hamonic, melodic, jazzy, soulful, and just plain wonderful music. Aloe Blacc is a singer, rapper, and producer who plays alot of instruments. His Album "Shine" has some awsome beats, and his soulful voice keeps you wanting to hear more. Though he's not a new artist, he is what I like to call up and coming artist who is just beginning his journey to legendary status. Aloe is going to be an artist who's music will only be realized years after he's retired. Legends are born from the love of music, not the presidents in our pockets.
Check out his album "Shine"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

This is a "Get To Know".

Get to Know an R&B artist named Kevin Micheals; though he's not very well known, he is one of the best R&B artist that can fuze jazz and funk to create master pieces. His last album "Kevin Micheals", released in 2007, is something to take a look at. The Lupe and Wyclef collabs are what some of my bball teamates call "Something You Can Step To". Support this artist by listening to his album.

Kevin Micheals:"Kevin Micheals" Album

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lots of Music

Sorry for not updating the blog the last few days; had some test to study for.To makeup for it, i'm giving you a few albums and mixtapes-

Kanye West'808s and Heartbreak"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunny C.A.

This is a new video from Fashawn's Album called "Sunny CA".

Download-Sunny CA  ft. CO$$ and Mistah F.A.B
And Samsonite Man ft. Blu

Corey and Tapanga's story finally comes out!!

The long awaited album "Boy Meets World", by Fashawn is finally out!!!!!!!!!! Produced by Exile. I've listened to the album and it is awsome; the beats and Fashawn's voice mesh very well, and Fashawn definitely keeps it real on this one. Cop this ish if you know what good Hip Hop is-

 Please support this artist by buying his album!
It's that Good!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Valentines Comes a Little Early

There's a new artist Named InLove, who was discovered by Dj Cam; InLove is a model turned singer, whose voice can sooth you and relax the body into a wanderland. Here album "Stories", is a pretty good soul album. Check out the beautiful artist and her amazing talent: link below.

Forever incolent

Now I honestly can say, I dislike Drake, but this song "Forever" was pretty sick; also Eminem did his thing as well. Since this is in preparation for Lebron's new movie, I'll give the song a play. And by the way, Lil Wayne can eat a dick! That's just how I feel.
Song Download- "Forever"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life As A Shorty

The Video above is giving you a preview of the Artist Fashawn's newest album "Boy Meets World"; Coming out October 20th on digital download. Here's a link to download the song "Life As A Shorty".
Link-Life As A Shorty
Also another single-The Outer City

Felt-Get Cake

A Video about likes, dislikes and Tia Food, Hahahaha!

The Shape Of D.C.

A group Called Diamond District just came out with their new mixtape called"The Diamond Exchange". The group is from D.C. which is home to artist like Wale, Tabi Boney and many others. This group is making noise more and more with every realease they put out. Slowly im liking them more and more. The Mixtape is a blend of the D.C. gogo mixed in with some jazzy instumentals; the mixtape is very creative and deserves to be listened to. So cop this and be amazed, link below-

Friday, October 16, 2009

Finding Forever is Commonly instrumental.

Common in 2007 put out the album "Finding Forever", which was one of his best albums. Cliff Soulo, an artist out of Chicago put out a mixtape called "Forever Be Hip Hop", which didn't have the same effects of Commons album but, did put Cliff Soulo on the map. The mixtape was a compilation of old Common instrumentals and Cliff Soulo's lyrics put together to create a tribute mixtape to Common and hip hop.
Lets see what you think: Link Below

Up From Here, Sunny C.A..

An Ep Called "Up From Here" came out today from Eponym & Esta; Eponym is the Emcee and Esta is the Producer. The duo is from sunny California birth place of yours truly lol! Seriously though, The Ep has sick beats, Good lyrics and is easy to listen to. Support these up coming arist; Link Below-

By the way, does anyone think they are a Cali version of the Blue Scholars?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Salvation on a Mic

Ya I said Salvation can be on a Mic; though not the Salvation your thinking about. Skyzoo, a rapper from New York Came out with an Album called "The Salvation"; it is honestly one of the best albums of 2009. it has a variety of beats from producers like 9th wonder and Black Milk. Skyzoo upped his lyricism for this album also, though he is already a good rapper, this album proved that he's no regular joe. Check the Album:

Super Mario on Dragon Ball Z Steriods HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAH!!!!

My Good friend Brandon sent me this link to this online 2-D show that combines Super Mario with Dragon Ball Z plot plot scheme to create "Super Mario Bro Z". This is pretty sweet, Check it!!!

New Artist- Check them out!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have you Sene It?

This is the new video by Sene Called "Won Lover" off of his newest Lp "A Day Late and a Dollar Short".

Sene - WonLover Official Music Video


MySpace Music Videos

Have you Sene a Dollar that I can borrow?

Now im bout to hit yall with some real hiphop! If you haven't heard of Sene, a East Coast rapper who has a westcoast flow, then you need to get familiar. His new Lp "A Day Late and A Dollar Short", is pretty good, the whole album was produced by none other than Blu(Godleebarnes), ya i know who new he could make beats. The album is what I like to call a clash of east and west, with a bit of just cool. Check it out! its Illmatic!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Duel personality

There's a rapper in Atlanta taking hip hop by storm; and he doesn't even have an album out!! B.O.B or Bobby Ray (which ever you prefer) is a multi talented artist who's creativity put him on the map as the next great power in hip hop. His duel personality is his talents, rapping is B.O.B and singing is Bobby Ray. At first I thought this would be a grave mistake, but then I heard his last mixtape "BOB Vs Bobby Ray", it was so good that I just decided that he's going be something special. Check the mixtape; link below-

I knew Chcolate would make sense one Day.

It's common sense that these days good music is hard to come by. So in retrospect the only thing to do is listen to old music. Like my favorite rapper of all time Common, whose been around since the early 90s. He has created soothing albums that lift spirrits and open minds. Here are two of his earlier works; "Like Water for Chocolate" and "One Day It'll all Make Sense".

"Like Water For Chocolate"-

Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome Back

Old Lupe Joint

Tygah Woods YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a new group in New Orleans called Tygah Woods who put together a mixtape called "Tygah Woods (Moonwalker Editon)", in tribute to Micheal Jackson. I have listened to the mixtape and I definitely approve. Check it out, link for the mixtape and thier myspace below.

Atlanta Brave Stories

I don't listen to many southern artist because alot of them care to much about the money and not the music!! Recently I've learned of a artist called Donnis; he hails from Atlanta, and is bringing a new regime to the south with B.O.B. He loves to use his underdog mentality to create a persona of not caring about other rappers, but at the same time making it known that rap needs to change in order to survive. Listen to his newest mixtape "Diary of an Atlanta Brave", presented by 10 deep. link below:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cudi Zone

Okay everybody and their grandma knows who this is, Kid Cudi! With his new album that came "Man on the Moon", he has definitely lifted to my top five artist ever. His mixtape "Dat Kid Cleveland", was a hit a put him on the national spot light. Check out his mixtape and by his ALBUM!!!!!!!


A different type of Currency

Every rapper says and I quote"I GETS MONEY", well one rapper got slick and decided to use money as his alias. The New Orleans rapper Currency is blowing up fast; putting out free music for 8 months, he has caught the attention of many people. After he was dropped from Young Money, Currency decided to actually get lyrical! What a surprise huh lol, since comercial wasn't working for him he decided to get money by going independent and now has two official album, "Jet files", and "This is not a Mixtape". Buy these two album, thier only $8.99, and definitely worth it.
Also check out his latest mixtape with Wiz Khalifa,"How Fly".