Monday, May 31, 2010

You need a Tacklebox to go Fishing

Finally, after two hours and 38 min
the Cool Kids mixtape finally is out.
Tacklebox, check it love it-
1. Fishing Lessons (Prod. Chuck Inglish)
2. Flying Kytes (Prod. Chuck Inglish)
3. Freak City (Prod. Chuck Inglish & Old Young)
4. Neat (Ft. Tennille)
5. Going Camping (Prod. Chuck Inglish)
6. Volume II (Prod. Chuck Inglish)
7. Birthdays (Prod. Ski Beats)
8. Great Outdoors (Prod. Chuck Inglish)
9. Strawberry Girl (Prod. Chuck Inglish)
10. Systems (Prod. Chuck Inglish)
11. Good Afternoon (Prod. The Productionix)
12. Parking Lot (Prod. Chuck Inglish)
13. Summer Nights ft. Tennille (Prod. Chuck Inglish)
14. Los Angeles Leakers Outro (Prod. Chuck Inglish)
15. Gettin’ Flick (Prod. Chuck Inglish)

Cool Kids Got Ninja Swag

This is another old Cool Kids mixtape
called "Cool Ass Ninjas". The mixtape
was to promote their Ep "The Bake Sale".
Check it, has songs you've heard and some
you have not-

Shad-Rose Garden

Visuals for Shad's new album "TSOL"
entitled "Rose Garden"

Old School Mondays- Cool Kids in preparation for "Tacklebox"

Today I'm going to give you
some old school (kind of)
Cool Kids. Their album
"The Bake Sale" and an
Ep called "Thats Stupid".

Boondocks Season 3-Episode Four

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cool Kids-Tacklebox

The Cool Kids Talk 'Tacklebox' from on Vimeo.
Cool Kids drop off a new track and this video explaining their new mixtape "Tacklebox" and why record labels are not needed for their success. Update- they let loose 2 new tracks Update- Allllright, for God sakes the Cool Kids let loose one more track from their upcoming mixtape.

Sundays are for God and good music

Today's good music comes from
the soulful sounds of Mc Boho Fau and
The Elevator Soul band. Thier album "Coffee
House Swinger" is the perfect blend of smooth
jazz and hip hop that you have ever heard.
So download and let your mind drift to the smooth
sea of easy-
When the site ask you for a price
type in $0.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pharrell & The Yessirs

Pharrell and ?uest love hook up
to create the remix of Pharrell's album
"Out Of My Mind". Pharrell over some
Roots beats is something I like to call

Pharrell Working Hard

For the last week me,Vada and Hero have been
at the wonderful(but ghetto) powattan plantation
resort. While awsome and chill, we learned upon
arrival that paradise doesn't include internet(figures).
So we've pretty much missed a whole week of music.
But being with Vada and Hero for a week, I've grown
to appreciate Pharrel more and more.
Though I love N.E.R.D and his album "In my Mind"
I still always feel like I could never capture the
truth behind his music. Until this weekend when I
pretty much listened to Pharrell until I was almost about
to explode(not a bad thing).
When I got back to the world of internet I started doing
alot of research on my mans recent and past indevours and 
came across a few new and old stuff.
First are the two bonus tracks off of his third 
N.E.R.D effort "Seeing sounds" that Hero put me onto-
"My Drive Thru"
And here's a track that he's doing for
a movie called
Starring Steve Carell-
"Despicable Me"
Next are two tracks that Pharrell
did with Fam-lay, one you may know and the other 
you don't-
Lastly is Pharrell new project with
American Born, Paris raised singer/rapper/electro pop/rock
artist Uffie who just released her debut album, which has 
a song with Pharrell called "Add SUV".

Friday, May 21, 2010

Talib Kweli Got His Papers

Talib Kweli just released a new track
called "Papers Please". The track talks
about the problems in the great state of
Arizona. Good music just keeps coming-

Cool Fridays

Yup you know what time it is; 
Cool Fridays has come to invade your
chill vibe.
Today I bring you something from Nino
Willie The Kid is an upcoming artist with
crazy potential to be something in the
game. His mixtape "The Fly" was a 
chill vibed out master piece with a gansta
flow. Check it-

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Something new from the Hot Spitta

Here go two new joints from
the Hot Spitta-
French Montana ft. Curren$y-"In The Sun"

Relief is What I need

Nero drops off one his new
original tracks called "Relief".
Which is hopefully a preview
of things to come-
Nero "Relief" from OHLA on Vimeo.


I Know, I Know

Stacey Dash Meets K+R from Creative Control on Vimeo.


Good Southern Music

Them boys from Arkansas are back with two
solo projects. Sugar City's Goines and Arkansas
Bo both decided to release solo albums to the public
and both projects are lyrical assassination stewed and
brewed in southern soul and politics. So check it-


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Young Chris x Don Cannon

Finally!!! Young Chris dropped his
"Network 2" mixtape hosted by the
mixtape guru Don Cannon. Chris has
features from J.Cole, Lil Wayne, Bobby
Valentino and more.... Earlier J Vada told
yall about this and now it's here for your listening
Here I Come
Never Left
The Moon And Stars
Wade In The Water
Heavenly Father f. Lil Wayne (prod. Street Runner)
Think About It
Out Of Here
Still The Hottest f. J Cole
After Dark
Lay In My Bed f. Bobby Valentino (prod. Dame Grease)
What Should I Do f. Latif (prod. Chad West)
I’m Sorry f. Memphis Bleek (prod. Chad West)
The Edge f. TuPhace (prod. Ritz)
No Disrespect (prod. Sean C & LV)
Miss My Niggas (prod. Sha Money XL) 

KushxOJ-The Statement

Wiz Khalifa drops some visuals
for his song "The Statement" off
of "KushxOJ" album.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

City Be Hazed

City Haze finally dropped his long
awaited album "Star of The City"
on 2dopeboyz. This album features
alot of unknown producers but one
star producer RZA helped put
Haze on the map with the single
"Lost In Tokyo". So check the album
cause it is very dope-
02.Everything (Prod.By DK The Punisher)
03.Ghetto Soldier Ft.Apartment 6 (Prod.By Dj Nice)
04.Lost In Tokyo (Prod.By RZA)
05.Tell Me Whats Good Ft. K.O. (Prod.By Mike Blud & Andrew Lloyd)
06.Rewind That Ft.Keenan West (Prod.By Mike Blud)
07.Fire (Prod.By Trakksound)
08.All Me Ft. K.O. (Prod.By Mike Blud & Brainz)
09.Lovin It (Prod.By Danny Chung)
10.All About You Ft. LD & Jhoni (Prod.By Jimba Frosty)
11.Dream Boy Ft.Levar Thomas (Prod.By Jimba Frosty)
12.Cant Wait To See Ya Ft. Jhoni (Prod.By Jimba Frosty)
13.On My Way Ft.Levar Thomas (Prod.By Andrew Lloyd)
14.New York Shit (Prod.By Risingson)
15.Watch Me (Prod By.Rooq)

"Please Lebron STAY" (sorry bout your mom and West) hahah

Cleveland's Finest-making music.'s not exactly the Chip and Cudi collab you've been waiting for, but it spoofs "We Are The World".
In the recent playoff controversy, Lebron is rumored to move to another team. Let's see if this video helps

Tanya Morgan knows good food

Today is a good day for music,
Tanya Morgan's Donwill and Von Pea
decided to put together this FreP entitled
"The Sandwich Shop". The Ep's beats come from
The Roots instrumental Ep called "Sandwiches".
This is definitely a must listen, straight jazz
beats and cool smooth rhymes, good for rainy days
when all you want to do is chill.

Distant Relatives

Oh shoot, my bad. Ya so I've had the
Nas&Damian Marley album for like a
week now and just forgot to post so uh
Here you go. "Distant Relatives" is one
awsome album, check the method-

Nero you did the Unthinkable

One of my favorite up and coming artist
Nero, just dropped off his version of Alicia
Keys' song "Unkthinkable". Ya I know he's
not an R&B singer but he did his thing on
the record. So give him some love and download-

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Revolution Happens Every Minute

Talib Kweli and Hi Tek are going
to take you on trip with their new
album "Revolutions Per Minute".
Lets just say you prolly want to
take a tote of the good stuff
while listening to this; hahahaha-

Old School Mondays 2.0

There are artists that are needed to cleanse the music industry of fake artistry. Lauryn Hill is one of those purgers. She has so much truth in her music, without her presence there has definitely been a void. In honor of her artistry I decided to post her MTV Unplugged 2.0 from 2001.

This album gives you insight into her mind and allows you to understand why she went "crazy".

"Too many people want to live in Fantasy, but need Reality" - Lauryn Hill

Check the songs: "Mystery of Iniquity" and "Freedom Time", she raps and her lyrics blow ANYONE outta the water.
MTV Unplugged 2.0: Lauryn Hill

Old School Mondays

David Ruffin was a singer in the Temptations
but then decided to go solo. He had a great career,
but the reason I'm posting him is because his album cover
for "Gentlman Ruffin" is the inspiration
for Wiz Khalifa's "KushxOrangeJuice" mixtape/album.
Your awsome Wiz!!

Boondocks Season 3-Episode Three

Boondocks Season 3-Episode Two

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Curren$y-King Kong

The Hot Spitta's first
single from "Pilot Talk",
if it ever comes out-
Curren$y - King Kong from Creative Control on Vimeo.
DL-"King Kong"

Sundays are For God and good Music:The Blues

Lately I've been listening to alot
of Jazz Hip Hop, well actually that's
what I usually listen to, but lately I've
gotten into it hard body.
Day Blues is group made up of MC Rob Wilcox, Jamal Saxon
 and Benu. The three create a jazzy sound which
let you drift to Blue Skies and Chill Vibes. 
Something different but at the same time 
so simple-
"Day Blue"LP 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

....And The World Laughs

Here's a preview of the single with
Thom Yorke called "....And the World Laughs"
and Flying Lotus talks about the album-

Flying Lotus Got Me Hearing the Cosmos

One of my favorite producers just
put out his album "Cosmograma".
Which to me is one of the best
albums of the year.
For those who don't know Flying Lotus
is one of the premiere producers out in Cali.
He has worked with the likes of Blu,Jose James, and Thom Yorke.
His beats are out there and can be hard to listen to but if you
can capture the essence of the message, then you here
the music so much more clearly.
So check out his instrumental album-

Friday, May 14, 2010


Asher Roth - Muddy Swim Trunks (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

Wat The Crap!!!
This Guy

Cool Fridays

Ya its that time again;
and today I give you something from the 
Windy city.
Vocalist/Producer Wes Restless and Rapper/Producer
Kid Planet put together this 12 track free album entitled
"Wes Restless vs. Kid Planet".
Its one of those old soul thumpers with
a little bit of everything-

Prince's infection

Black Milk started this epidemic with
his beat tape "Music From The Color Purple", which
he used all Prince samples and just reworked them.
But you know how
 rappers are, they see free instrumentals and just
have to tear them up so my homie Rapper Big Pooh and 
one of my favorite Cali MCs C-Plus both
have solo mixtapes with these instrumentals.
I guess Purple rain really is infectious lol-

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get To Know

Here goes another "Get To Know" on The
Detroit MC One Be Lo-
One Be Lo is one those artist who was born to be
in music.
One was a Jazz artist in middle when he decided to drop that and 
become a rapper. Ever since then he has been producing and 
rapping ever since.
Being critically acclaimed for all three of his albums,
he has emerged as one of the premiere solo rappers.
His flow and beats definitely speak to his personality.
Check his sound-

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashawn-Samsonite Man ft. Blu

Fashawn decided to drop some visuals for
"Samsonite Man" from one of my favorite
albums of the year "Boy Meet World"-

New Shad!!!!

Shad is back!!!!
My favorite Canadian rapper finally
dropped his newest album called "TSOL".
Some say its better than the "Old Prince";
Iono but it is another masterpiece from my man
Yaa I Get It video

North Carolina Fever

Today I'm giving some of the best from
the NC. Skyzoo&9th Wonder,
Median's debut Ep and Yahzarah's
newest album-
Soul from the NC;
Is there any other?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Chris Webby Is "Optimus Rhyme"

For those who are looking at this picture and thinking Asher Roth. Stop thinking.  Chris Webby is a pot-smoking emcee from the suburbs that rap's about college life.  Wait. so whats the difference? He's wayyyyyyyy nicer.  Webby is planning to release his sophomore album The Underclassman this summer.  Until then, enjoy this mixtape of him ripping a new hole into everyone's instrumentals.

"They said Asher's the best in the Burb/ at least that's what they said/ but that's for one reason/ cuz they ain't heard Webb"

This Is Just Wright

Um. yeah more of these would be nice Common.
This song > Universal Mind Control album

Old School Mondays

Sorry for not posting for the last
2 Mondays but I've been busy(exams).
And other stuff(anime) lol....
But to celebrate Ski Beatz and the hopeful,
and I mean hopeful release of "24 Hour", I'm
giving you one of his first hits with Camp Lo's
album "Uptown Saturday Night".
Coolie High My Homies!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Get To Know

I Haven't done this in a while, huh...
But here is another art of
The Academy's "Get To Know"!!
Today we present you with Kida-
Kida is pretty new but has alot of
music out already. Releasing
"Who is Kida" and the "Endemic" has put 
him on the map as a good MC.
For me his newest FreP "Chairman Of The Board"
was what got him a post on The Academy.
The hard rhymes and true style impressed me
It's kind of funny because me and Vada 
for the longest didn't want to give him a chance because
of his name and this symbol-
Can you blame us lol!!