Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get To Know - Kalil Kash

This edition of "Get To Know" takes down to good ol' Brick City.  This Jersey native, known better as Kalil Kash, has been making some noise in Budden's hometown.  His style reminds me of a black Asher Roth, with his whitty rhyme scheme and comedic vocal tone.  Considering there aren't too many people repping Jersey besides Joe Budden (and Snooki from Jersey Shore), it's nice to hear another good emcee to take claim.  His latest album, Exit Method, is very well developed and definitely has some chill joints on it.  Give it a listen, don't sleep!

Here are some visuals for his single "Bang"

Smoke DZA - Divine Music (Video)

XV & J. Cole Live At SOB's

J. Cole performing his new joint "Who Dat?" (single perhaps?).  Watch the crowds reactions to this man's verses in the song.  Crazy! His album will be a classic hands down.
(J. Cole's debut album > Drake's entire career)

XV performing a few of everybody's favorites.  Watch him spit in straight V's, ridiculous!!!

Diggy - Live On 106 & Park

Can anybody agree with me that this kid is like a rapping young Michael Jackson? He's gonna do some damage to the game in a few years. Oh,...and you know Jo-Jo salty as hell about that record deal, I don't care what Diggy say! lol

Word Around The Academy: Young Money vs. XXL Freshmen?

The animosity between the Young Money camp and XXL freshmen truly surfaced back in '09 when Drake shot a "stray bullet" at XXL's Freshman class of last year on his song "Successful".  As Drake so pridefully rapped, "And fans of these freshman is about to get iffy/While this youngin that you doubtin is about to get busy".  However, nobody felt anyway about the line.  In fact, Drake befriended many of his rap peers even though he wasn't mentioned in magazine.  Now, Drake's fame has risen above and beyond a XXL co-sign with the help of Lil Wayne and his Young Money imprint.  This year, we watched a deja-vu as XXL snubbed upcoming YM rapper Nicki Minaj for 10 others they thought deserved it more.  Because both Young Money artists were overlooked, XXL has even given both of them their own cover.  

Now with the new freshman revealed, those that did not make it are feeling salty claiming that some emcee's chosen do not deserve their spot.  One of these artists is Young Money's Jae Millz.  Now Jae Millz is far from a freshman, as he has peaked his submerged career's head up once or twice a year.  But it seems as though this washed up battle rapper is not pleased with the list chosen and feels like their are others more deserving.  
Here is his comments below:

The quote that is causing "trouble in the sea" is Millz stating that there were only 5 rappers deserving to be on the list and that the other 5 were whack.  Now with all the constant Drake comparisons, of course J. Cole was quick to respond to these (slightly true) comments:

Obviously Millz couldn't have been talking about Cole (at least for Jae Millz' sake, we hope), but that leaves 9 other artists that he could have been taking aim to.  Here is everyone elses response thus far (via twitter):

As you can see, unless Jae Millz says any specific names, everyone is assuming that he was not referring to them.  Nipsey Hu$$le, however, had a different opinion on the matter taking a very blatent shot at Jae Millz.  

Who's next to respond?  Jay Rock is my guess.  What needs to be understood is that half of those artists chosen for the cover are very hood bred individuals and come from a place where beef is all they know.  Considering that Rock is already at Cube's neck with his recent comments about the "New West", Jay won't be too happy about this "rapping jabber jaw".  Freddie Gibbs and Pills are also two artists known for their street credibility.  Although Millz did specifically say "backpack" or  "emo" rappers, that only covers Big Sean, Donnis, Fashawn, & Wiz Khalifa.  So as long as the 5 rappers he doesn't approve of remain unnamed, everyone on that list is a target. 

What will happen next?  A beef would honestly only be beneficial to Big Sean or Donnis, only because their fan base hasn't been truly established yet.  I doubt either will respond negatively toward this. Now if Jae Millz responds to Nipsey's jab, then that could open pandara's speakerbox. This would lead to an eventual sub-par diss record from Millz that will more than likely take jabs at more artists on the list.  Once more artists from the freshman list get involved, my guess is so will the Young Money camp.  We may hear diss records from the more unknown (no one cares about) artists like Sewer Sewer Gudda Gudda, Mac N Cheese Man Mac Maine, Young Twistie Top Lil Twist, and any of the other ones whose names I can't even remember to make a more appropriate name for.  Now what could get interesting is if this had fueled the flames in the unspoken J. Cole vs. Drake war going around the blogger world.  Only time will tell.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hippie On A Hil

I will admit, I slept on this guy for awhile (*pause).  But Cease opened my eyes to the talent of New York stoner/Tommy Hilfiger's son (yep! look it up), Rich Hil.  Myself, being a fellow hippie of the modern age, I relate to this man's music in all aspects.  The self named "hippie", Rich Hil, has been making a lot of noise in the underground music circuit this past year.  His off-key crooning of smoking narcotics in limo's and faded memories of heartbreak has earned him quite the occultic fan-base and has even caught the attention of some major labels.  Earlier this year, one of Hil's mixtapes landed in the hands of Alicia Key's undeserving boyfriend Swizz Beatz.  Not even a week after hearing him, Beatz signed Rich Hil to his upcoming label Full Surface Records.  With several EP quality mixtapes under his belt, Rich is now preparing to release his debut album Limosa Nostra.  So until we get the Swizz & Rich collaboration, here is all of Hil's projects thus far for you all to enjoy!

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Hil's music is very depression driven and has a sound that only can be fully enjoyed and appreciated under the influence of weed.  However, The Academy is in no way condoning the smoking of illegal drugs, but I will agree that this music is way better if your in a "Cudi" zone.  
No pressure though lol.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sundays are for God and good music-Zo!; To funky for words

Zo! is a producer out of North Carolina
that I've grown to love and appreciate because
he's trying to bring funk back into soul.
Zo! is with the foreign exchange crew
(Phonte and Nicolay) and is going to be
putting out his long awaited debut album in
July of 2010. Until then here's a free seven
track Ep for you to taste-

9th I Wonder????

Today was very eventful for North Carolina.
First of all if you had any hope of Little Brother
ever getting back together,save your Prayers for
Something useful like: Haiti, Spirituality, niggaz,
and that gucci man suffers some sort of vocal problem which
will enable him to never speak again.
Yesterday This bonus track was released by Phonte for free.
Not because he did not want to put it on Itunes, but because
9th Wonder didn't want Phonte and Pooh to use
the track for anything else.
Actually let me reiterate
This video clipping explains everything; well sort of lol.
Phonte gets up here and breaks it down for all those
wondering what happen between Little Brother(Phonte & Pooh)
and 9th Wonder(who's really looking real gay right now).
And by the way look at Eryah Badu's new video.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Erykah Badu - Window Seat (Video)

For obvious reasons,...I REALLY like this video.  New Amerykah Part II: Return Of The Ankh will be out (alot sooner for us) March 30th.

Big Sean-official Lemonade Video

Go On Get You Some

This is Big Seans single off of
his UKNOWBIGSEAN mixtape
called "Getcha Some", I got this from
my friend Rashan's website-
Big Sean "Getcha Some" Music Video from Newspeak on Vimeo.

Kid Cudi

Here are some visuals for Kid Cudi's
dope track off of his debut album
called "Sound Track To My Life"-

Devin is definitely that Dude

With Devin The Dude's new album 
"Suite #420" being release on 4/20 (lol), he decided
to give the smoking public a little sample of what's going to
be on the album with his
"Do not Distherb(Suite #420) Ep.
Smoke it

J. Cole Talks XXL & Source Cover (Video)

New Budden

Alright this is what I'm talking about, Slaughterhouse capo just leaked a new joint from,..yes, Mood Muzik 4! It's set for a summer release.  Also word is Budden's releasing it as an EP instead of an mixtape this time.  Oh and this joint is ridiculous.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cool Fridays

Jose' James, A soul singer from LA released his
album entitled "Black Magic".
The album is to cool for words to explain so
give it a listen-

Charle Hamilton-The Binge Vol. 3

Charles dropped his new mixtape
"The Binge Vol.3" last night which is
supposed to be his last one for a while
(ya sure). But the mixtape is another one
like Normalcy where all he freakin does is
talking about himself. Though he randomly
keeps making references to the Bible.
"I don't know, I don't know, it's the questions?????"

And by the way he understands Columbine??
Like I said "I don't know, it's the questions????"

Papoose - Alphabetical Slaughter (Video)

I was talking about this song earlier so I wanted to post it. For those who've never heard this song, press play. right now. 
(best part - flips the hat and starts spitting backwards)

Return Of Streetsweepers

Back in 2006, I was a HUGE Papoose fan, with "Alphabetical Slaughter" in my daily rotation.  I could've swore this guy was the savior of Hip-Hop music.  But after a shotgun marriage to convicted felon female emcee Remy Ma and a pointless beef with Fat Joe & Uncle Murda, Pap went ghost.  Well his producer, the infamous DJ Kay Slay has just put out a solid compilation album with the Bedstuy lyricist re-staking his claim all over it.  The album has features galore from likes of Joell Ortiz, Jay Rock, Bun B, AZ and many more.  Don't sleep on this album, and if you were a Papoose fan like I was, you will be pleased I assure you.

Wu-Tang Trinity

Cease hit ya'll wit the new Dom Kennedy album (which is hot fiya by the way), So l'ma balance the night out with some new eastcoast music from some old eastcoast legends.  3 of the best Wu-members just dropped an awesome album called Wu-Massacre.  As a bonus, the alternate album covers are under the link. Oh yes, Wu-Tang for life.
UPDATE: As I was looking for the extra artwork, I stumbled upon an album of all unreleased material from none other than the late great Ol' Dirty Bastard.  I took the liberty of posting the DL below the Meth/Ghost/Rae album. Your welcome.

Method Man Alternative Artwork

Ghostface Alternative Artwork

Raekwon Alternative Artwork

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dom Kennedy Finally decided to
drop his debut LP
"From The Westside With Love".
Check it, because if its like any of his other
projects you know he's bringing us a
lyrical masterpiece.

Paul Valery Visuals

This is the Blue Scholars music
video for their single "Paul Valery"
single sampling Owl City's "Fireflies"-
Paul Valéry (Music Video) from Blue Scholars on Vimeo.
Download Here

K'naan-Wavin Flag Video

Dom Kennedy's LP coming real soon

In preparation for Dom Kennedy's
long awaited Lp " From The Westside With Love"
which drops today,I decided to put up
a video clip of his listening party which was like
2 or 3 weeks ago-

24 Hour music Leak

Ski Beatz does it agian. He gets
Stalley, Mos def, Curren$y and Whosane  for the new 
leaked song from "24 Hour Karate School" entitled

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Heard Around The Academy...

To keep everyone updated with rumors and news that are prevalent to the Hip-Hop world, The Academy will be doing an information installment on what you need to know "in the streets" (whatever that means) called "I Heard Around The Academy" because we want you to hear it first on our site.

 1.) Slaughterhouse signing with Eminem???
Okay so apparently Eminem is trying to Slaughterhouse over to Shady records.  However, their has been this huge "label" beef between Slaughterhouse capo, Joe Budden, and the president of Almagam/E1 records.  As many of you know, Budden released many of his projects under the Almagam Digital.  But he has claimed that they have not paid him for his past albums and he refused to allow them to capitalize off of the Slaughterhouse project.  Eminem, now making the group first priority, is trying to buy out the their "forced" contract in order to move them under Shady records.  I for one, love the idea of this taking place.  The Eminem/Royce Da 5'9" reunion alone speaks volumes on what's to come.  With such a masterpiece created by the 4-headed monster already, now with production from Eminem and Dr. Dre, this group seems unstoppable.  Is it too early to even suggest a Slaughterhouse feature on Relapse 2? I can only hope.

2.) The Game is back on Aftermath
Looks like the Doctor's Advocate is back with the Doctor again.  A few months ago we saw Dr. Dre release a picture on his twitter showing him, Game, and Snoop in the studio together.  That obviously meant the two have reconciled.  Well it looks like they've done more than that.  The Game has officially made the jump back to the home he started from, minus Curtis.  His upcoming album R.E.D. is reported to have quite a few tracks by the Doc and Game is also stated that he has contributed a good portion to the nevercomingoutinmylifetime Detox.

Fox Freshman

I've been following SHow TuFli's career ever since the young Harlemnite was rapping with Charles Hamilton.  But within only one year, TuFli was able to seperate himself from Sonic making a name for his own.  His Fox 5 series of mixtapes (more like albums) last year was highly underrated in my opinion.  I think his music continually pushes the creative envelope with every project that proceeds.  As we all await for his debut album Reverse Psychology, TuFli is still blessing us with new material.  At the top of the year he gave us the Period Mixtape, a prelude to his debut album.  Now he is bringing back the Fox 5 series with an R & B theme.  First artist he chose to invoke was Sade.  Next on his list is rumored to be Erykah Badu.  I think SHow TuFli has given us more than enough quality material to be a candidate for Freshman Class of 2011.  Hopefully the world will recognize this man's talent eventually.  As a treat, I'm gonna post TuFli's entire discography (because everyone needs to have it).

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Asher!! Mixtape

Asher Roth and Dj Wreckineyez
dropped their new mixtape entitled
"Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry",
With Features from Blu, Talib Kweli, Pac Div and

Oh Snap it's A Jay Vada Mixtape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and EP)

The Wait is finally over, Jay Vada
over his Spring Break (which was last week)
put in work and and not only completed his
long awaited "Tales From The Dark Side Vol. 1"
mixtape but decided to do a little EP called
"Darkside of Love" where he goes over some
some pink floyd beats. And ya he murders them; I
mean what do you expect from master
"Shaolin Vada". Ya I just decided that was
his new nickname, if you don't like it tough.
Here's his master piece's!!!