Sunday, October 25, 2009

A New Type of Soul

Aloe Blacc! If you have not heard of Aloe Blacc, you really need to get acclamated and prepare your eardrums for some of the most hamonic, melodic, jazzy, soulful, and just plain wonderful music. Aloe Blacc is a singer, rapper, and producer who plays alot of instruments. His Album "Shine" has some awsome beats, and his soulful voice keeps you wanting to hear more. Though he's not a new artist, he is what I like to call up and coming artist who is just beginning his journey to legendary status. Aloe is going to be an artist who's music will only be realized years after he's retired. Legends are born from the love of music, not the presidents in our pockets.
Check out his album "Shine"

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