Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Revolution of Flobotics

This is a Get To Know about the Flobots who are from Denver, Colorado. I discovered this group this summer when I went down to Tampa Florida for my family reunion. I went to the mall and saw their album and  thought "that looks interesting" so I bought it and I have not regreted that decision. This band is lead by Mc Johnny 5, and producer Yahktoe who actually were the original two people in the band and presented an album called "Onomatopoeia". They joined up with Mc Brer Rabit, violist Mackenzie Roberts, bassist Jesse Walker, guitarist Andy Guerrero (from funk band Bop Skizzum), trumpet player Joe Ferrone (also from Bop Skizzum), and drummer Kenny Ortiz to form the present version of the Flobots. Thier album " Fight with tools" is an eye opener because of the message it sends to the listening public,"Think For Your Self". The Flobots are revolutionary because their beats are rock and folk put together and their rap style is using life's peer pressure as their niche. This group is revolutionary and you'd better give them a listen if you like good music!
Check It-

Johnny 5 + Yahktoe Solo Project


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