Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adventures Of Bobby Ray Tracklist

Here it goes ya'll.  I approve so far.

01. “Don’t Let Me Fall”
02. “Nothin’ On You” feat. Bruno Mars
03. “Past My Shades” feat. Lupe Fiasco
04. “Airplanes” feat. Hayley Williams
05. “Bet I” feat. T.I. & Playboy Tre
06. “Satellite”
07. “Ghost In The Machine”
08. “The Kids” feat. Janelle Monae
09. “Magic” feat. Rivers Cuemo
10. “Fame”
11. “Lovelier Than You”
12.“5th Dimension” feat. T.I. & Ricco Barrino
13. “Airplanes (Part II)” feat. Eminem & Hayley Williams 
01. Higher
02. Mellow Fellow
03. Yesterday

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