Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is a Get To Know

So as you know I'm always up on
music updates on alot of blogs, one
in particular is Dame Dash's DD172
blog which informs people about artist
signed to Bluroc or associates of Bluroc.
Yesterday I was browsing and I came
across a new mixtape/ep by a new artist
named Corey Davis. The tape was entitled
Corey is from Atlanta, Georgia and is actually an aspiring artist(drawing)
who just happens to rap. He started out in hip hop
with a group called Mach Five. They have had sucess but
Corey has now decided to go solo and has released his debut solo
ep/mixtape "Corey".
The tape is a sensual and is an electronic master piece. Mixed
with Corey's fast pace rapping style, the tape
transforms into a trip downtown to see the
night life of an aspiring artist.

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