Thursday, February 9, 2012


About a month ago one of my favorite
Left coast rappers Blu released a new album
with the producer Exile entitled "Give me My Flowers
while I can Smell Them" which was recorded back in '09.

This was supposed to serve as their follow up
to "Below the Heavens" but was never released
for what ever reason. But it is here now so enjoy the
smoothness of Blu's voice and electic rhymes and Exile's
Jazz/funky beats.
01. A Letter
02. More Out Of Life
03. The Only One
04. Mask Your Soul
05. I Am Jean
06. Money
07. She Said Its Ok
08. Good Morning Neighbor
09. Everybody Nose (Feat. Johaz & Fashawn)
10. Don’t Be Jelly
11. Berries & Juices
12. Seasons
13. John Mccain
14. O Heaven (Bonus)
15. Ope (Bonus)

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