Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sundays are For God and good Music

So this is a get know of a group called
The Remnant residing in Atlanta.
This group is from the best Christian rap group
that I have heard point blank period!
The reason is because they know how to
reach the public by using Christian sublimities while
sounding secular. It's sick-
Their debut album "PB&J" is one of the most jam
packed and best projects to come about in hip-hop
this year. PB&J is an acronym for Playas, Babes, and Jesus.
Kind of funny cause their niche is that they are rappers you
can bring home to momma.
So if you want some Gospel while hearing good hip-hop,
Check this group-

This is their video for the single "Know This" ft. Scar

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