Friday, November 4, 2011

Back from Sabatical

    This is not the glorious return of yours truly but this is a revival. As Prince Maybach clearly has stated school is in session but we will not be the ones teaching the lessons. In all honesty this is the beginning of everlasting.
    Though me and Prince will be still giving good music critiques we will also be turning your gaze to the realm of Christian Hip Hop. But not the Christian Hip Hop that your used to, we will be focused on artist that you may not know. The Lecrae's and Tedahsi's of the genre will be shown but the focus will be on the S.O's and Shai Linne's of the trade.
   Not to mention we will be having more and album reviews and critiques. This will further explain and help you to really understand what the artist is trying to portray to the audience of listeners. So with all that Said first up is my main man S.O.
So who is S.O.??
  S.O. is in the new wave of Christian Rappers who are bringing a new dynamic to the art. Hailing from Britain (Ya you'll be able to tell) he uses his deep sultry voice to captivate his listeners to hearing truth or the gospel.
  This free mixtape is more like a debut Lp with 13 smooth tracks. Every last song on the Lp has that old boom bap to it and the instrumentation is insane. The combination of S.O.'s voice and the dynamic beats take the mixtape/Lp to a new level that you probably have not heard in Christian Hip Hop.
  Highlight tracks are: Lows and Highs, The Rally, Feminine Appeal, Quest For Love and Love Is. Though I will say the mixtape/Lp has great transitions from track to track and has no let downs at any point.
  S.O. message is God's grace who redeems us and saves us each and every day. He uses slick metaphors and story plots to display an image of God's immaculateness. S.O. speaks on being a labor for the Lord and understanding that we cannot gain favor but instead repent and know that God's grace saves us all.(Ephesians 2)
Grade B+

"So It Begins" Download and Stream

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