Monday, November 7, 2011

Flowers for a lovely woman

Hannibal King who is a producer from Queens New York
has been on the Academy's watch list for a minute.
Today he releases his debut Lp entitled "Flowers for Pamela".

tracklisting after clicking Readmore

01. Beginning
02. Flowers For Pamela
03. Lately feat. Waneek and Ace Da Vinci
04. Gettin' High (aLoveSong)
05. Appleton Suite
06. Villains feat. Bub Styles
07. Middle (Tea and Tree Suite)
08. When We Grow Up feat. Cody B. Ware
09. Because I Love You
10. Flowers For Love
11. Persephone feat. 10ille
12. Good Days
13. Villains (Redux) feat. Bub Styles
14. Song for Lovers

Throughout the project Hannibal says he had his grandmother
in mind because she was recently diagnosed with alzheimer's.
So while listening to the project please send a prayer up..... 

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