Friday, February 5, 2010

Kooley To Fly

I can't believe that about a year ago I
dismissed this group because well I,
I honestly don't know!! I guess better late
than never right?? Oh I guess your wondering
who am I talking about right; Today I download
alot of Kooley high and was very impressed by
everything that they have made.
Like Phonte says "Dope Beats, Dope Rhymes,
Okay this is a North Carolina Based group whose love for hip hop
has gotten them the utmost respect from artist like 9th wonder and
the Little Brother crew.
They are comprise of 6 members that all went to N.C. State-three emcees, 
Charlie Smarts, Tab-One, and Rapsody, two producers,
 Foolery and The Sinopsis, and a deejay, DJ Ill Digitz.
I feel they have the capability to be the next big thing when it comes
to soulful hip hop. Every rapper in the group can flow, every producer
makes sultry beats and it all come together so beautifully.
First I'm going to give you their Ep-Summer Sessions EP

Now Tab-one is the white rapper of 
the group, but definitely doesn't
rap like it. All I'm say'in is that if you
close your eyes and  listen he sounds black. 
But his album "Tabloids'
was an awsome piece of work. He spits, well,
the truth and decided, he just doesn't care what 
you think but at the same time does not come off
Cocky, also he uses alot of imagery
to convey to your senses. Check it-
Here is another solo project from
 Charlie Smarts called "f'alex".
This project comes from the Charlie Smarts who goes
a different direction than Tab-one. As Tab-one is more 
conscience, Charlie Smarts is more uuhh....sensual.
While both have a sultry flow Charlie Smarts approaches the 
ladies for his album and at the same time paints a vivid picture about
life, Check it-

Here is some audio from their "Summer Sessions" Ep called Water produced by none other
than 9th Wonder-

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