Monday, March 8, 2010

Return Of The King

Rewind the clocks 3 years ago, T.I. was at the peak of his career, releasing classic album after classic album, showing that rappers from the South can be lyrically adept and still reach commercial acclaim.  Then the "King Of The South" has a "colored people moment" and gets caught with several accounts of gun possession.  Well aware that below-par artists were gonna try to take his crown while he was incarcerated, T.I. even managed to destroy whack rapper Shawty Lo Snagglepuss' career before his sentence even started.  Leaving the world with the critically acclaimed "Paper Trail" album, that many of us had on repeat for an entire year, we almost forgot that T.I. was locked up.  Now, ATL rap seems worst than when he left it: millions of people wear "Free Gucci Mane" shirts (why?), OJ The Juiceman makes '10 XXL Freshman list, and everybody is either "turnt" up or surfing on swag (...what?).  So now the King has returned and The Academy have came up with a list of things that T.I. needs to do to bring order and stability back to his down south kingdom.

1. Start beefing with OJ Da Juiceman, make a diss record called "I Hate Pulp"
2. No more guns. foreal, cut it out.
3. Release your new album same month as Drake's (just so his album can tank).
4. Tell that pitbull looking wife of yours to stop making TV shows
5. Sign ATL rapper Pill (trust us.)
6. Make your next album free, and use all the old "Free T.I." shirts as promotion for it.
7. Release a collaboration mixtape with your label artists called "Grand Hustlers" (w/out  DJ Drama if at all possible)
8. Go on tour with Ludacris called "Southern Renaissance" with opening acts being B.o.B, Donnis, J. Cole, and Curren$y
9. Foreal man, no more guns.
10. Come out with an awesome comeback record.

(1 out of 10 ain't too bad lol)

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