Monday, May 3, 2010

Fly Society vs.......Fly Society?

Fat Joe couldn't have said it better, "jealous ones envy".  Looks like pro-skater/former Fly Society artist Terry Kennedy is a little salty that Curren$y has blown up.  So what does TK do? what any ignorant negro would do with a video camera, too much money and enough street credibility: make a diss video for 12 minutes.  Oh, but don't be confused, no ones actually rapping in the video, just alot of verbal non-sense.  Terry Kennedy is even trying to claim the name of Fly Society as if he was the one to make that brand name a success.  It was all Curren$y bro, so why don't you take a backseat on your skateboard and let the Jet's do they thing FOOL!.
(*WEAK* at the 6:00 mark -  "No telling whats in here, they don't know" hahahaha niggas.)

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